Opuama Asset

Opuama Asset Information

The Opuama Field was discovered in 1972 by the Opuama -1 well. Production from Opuama started in 1975 peaking at 11,000 bopd from five wells- Opuama -1, 3, 5, 6 & -7.

Opuama field was operated by SPDC between 1972 and 2006 until the field was shut-in at ~ 2,000 bopd and cumulative production of 43.2 MMbbls after a series of community issues.

The field was taken over by NPDC/Elcrest Joint Venture in 2012 and production was reinstated in 2014 after a series of interventions on existing wells and drilling of further four infill wells (OP-8,-9,-10, and 11) resulting in a significant increase in production bring Opuama production up to over 30,000 bopd in 2018 and cumulative production by year-end of 2021 is approximately 23.5 MMbbls.

Produced crude is processed at the Opuama Flowstation with 30,000 b/d capacity and transported via dedicated 36-kilometer to the LACT Unit at Otumara field then injected into the Trans Escravos Pipeline and Forcados oil terminal.

There are currently no gas processing facilities at Opuama. Produced gas is used for in-field purposes, running of gas generators and the excess gas flared.

The JV has embarked on a community electrification project where some of the flared gas will be further utilized. JV working on options with the NUPRC for potential off-takers to handle the remaining flared volumes. Current Production from the field is ~13,000 bopd.

1: JV Production as at 31st December 2021
2: ~Ryder Scott CPR report 31st December 2021
3: Cumulative Production as at 31st December 2021