Health & Safety

Our Health and Safety Measures

Elcrest has prioritized safety in every aspect of our work culture. We have consistently emphasized personal and process safety and prevention of all forms of harm to our employees, contractors, and host community members.

Our Health & Safety Policy is implemented with consideration for guidelines stipulated in ISO4500I& ISO 1400I. This is further reinforced by the company’s health & safety management system to guarantee adherence to local regulations, industry standards, and international best practices. Our philosophy in this regard is communicated to all employees, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders of our business.

At Elcrest, we are governed by the three core strategic principles of our HSE policy. Healthy Employees and Safe Workplaces; Environmental Protection and Sustainability; and Mutual Respect with host communities and local stakeholders.

We have been working to protect our people through a more systematic approach to health.

We provide comprehensive health services and access to all employees, 24-hour clinical coverage in all our areas of operation with standby ambulances for emergencies, and our employees and guests are encouraged to be more proactive towards a healthy lifestyle via health campaigns and provision of biometric monitoring equipment in all facilities.
A personal fitness program has been introduced into daily activities of the office-based personnel, while a fitness gym is provided in our Field Logistic bases.