Gbetiokun Asset

Gbetiokun Asset Information

The Gbetiokun Field is located to the southeast of OML 40. The field was discovered in 1987 by Gbetiokun-1, drilled by SPDC, and further appraised by four wells, Gbetiokun-2 (SPDC), Bime-1, and Bime-2(Chevron) drilled in 1990-91.

Gbetiokun field achieved first oil in July 2019 with the re-completion of the Gbetiokun -1 well by Elcrest/ NPDC JV. A further seven wells have been drilled in the field between 2019 and 2021 (Gbetiokun- 3 to 8) taking the asset from zero production to an all-time high production of 17,000 bopd in Dec 2021. Cumulative Production by the year-end of 2021 is approximately 6.36 MMbbls.

Crude is processed at the 22,000 b/d early Production facility into a storage vessel and then evacuated via shuttle barge to the Benin River Valve station where it is injected into the export pipeline to the Otumara LACT Unit and onwards to the FOT.

Drilling and completion of Gbetiokun- 9 is almost at well handover stage to the Production team.

There are currently no gas processing facilities at Gbetiokun. Produced gas is used for in-field purposes, running of gas generators, or flaring. JV is also working on a solution with the NUPRC to have potential off-takers handle the flared gas.

In 2020, two major incidents occurred in the Gbetiokun field, a Fire Explosion at the BRVS (which led to 7 fatalities) and an Explosion of the MT Harcourt Storage vessel which had a significant hit on Elcrest’s operation activities. Elcrest is fully committed to the safety of its personnel in all of its operations.

Plans are on the way to install evacuation pipeline from Gbetiokun to Adagbassa Manifold.

1: JV Production as at 31st December 2021
2: ~Ryder Scott CPR report 31st December 2021
3: Cumulative Production as at 31st December 2021